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98% – 100%
Purple-Excellent attendance- This will significantly help with a pupils achievement and attainment and life in school. This gives pupils a good start in life and supports a positive work ethic

96% – 97%
Green–Good attendance-This is a solid platform to build upon and pupils should aspire to improve. This is in line with National average.

91% – 95%
Yellow-Poor attendance-Pupils with this level of attendance are below the national average for attendance which may begin to affect their attainment and progress at school. It may also begin to impact on relationships with their peers.

Below 90%
Red – High Risk- Absence at 90% is classified as Persistent Absence. Absence is a serious concern. This level of absence significant affects attainment and progress as well as relationships with their peers. It is unaccepatable within the schools expectations and targeted support strategies will immediately put in place for improvement.

90% attendance sounds good, but in reality it means that your child misses one half day each week and nearly four weeks every school year!


Sometimes children are too ill to come to school.  Please contact school on the first morning of the absence to let us know the reason why your child is off school, otherwise it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Medical Appointments

Where ever possible medical appointments should take place after school or in the school holidays. If you have to take your child for a medical appointment during school time, we will need to see proof of this appointment by an appointment card or letter.

Holidays in Term Time

In 1st September 2013 the Government rules changed in relation to holidays or trips during term time. We are no longer allowed to authorise leave for holidays or trips during term time.

Only under very exceptional circumstances will the school consider a leave of absence.

Parents need to be aware that if their child is out of school for holidays or trips, legal action for unauthorised absences could be taken. Each parent/carer may receive a Penalty Notice of £120.00 for each child. This will be reduced to £60.00 if paid within 21 days of the fine being issued.

The Government have made it very clear that children have 13 weeks holidays from school to use to go away.

Religious observance

On some occasions religious festivals may fall outside school holidays or weekends. It is reasonable for a parent to allow their children not to attend school on a day of religious observance if it is recognised by the parents religious body. Parents are requested to give advance notice to school if they intend their child to be absent for religious observance. No more than 3 days in total in an academic year will be authorised.